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Garment Creation / Samples / Custom Tailoring

Alan Handbags works with many emerging designers and established fashion brands to execute samples to launch new collections. We can help with samples, pattern making, custom tailoring, alternation, or any way to bring new designs to market.

Our Story

Meet Angel Zhagui.

"I've been a luxury handbag and sample maker for over 25 years and helping many famous brands and independent designers alike.

Most designers think doing handbag production is impossible in New York City. But I'm here to prove you can still do production in your beloved city without going overseas."

Angel at Work.jpg

Our Work

Our experts have extensive and thorough knowledge about fabrics, understand the latest trends and express our vast experience in developing samples for production.




Sample Making

We are here to help guide you through every step of the way. We help you imagine, design, and develop your samples into final products for production. 

Speak to our experts when you want great design, quality, and personal service. You will work directly with apparel, accessories, and bag expert to refine your design.  

Based in New York City is the best place to see samples and ideas to finalize garments we bring to market. 

Custom Tailoring

We will make sure we reach every designer’s vision and style. We’ll make all the necessary adjustments before making a sample or garment production.

We hand tailor or customize a wide range of garments.  Our quality, craftsmanship, and exceptional personal customer service provide you with alteration and restoration suited to your specifications.  Call us to discuss! 

Pattern Making

Our personalized service pays close attention to every detail through consultation, first patterns, cutting and sewing of prototypes, fitting sessions, pattern corrections, and the making of final samples for your collection.

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